Why you Should Bring your Kids to the Lackawanna County Children’s Library

By Product Expert | Posted in Local on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 at 7:28 pm
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Libraries never go out of style. No matter how many people switch over to ebooks, or spend most of their time on the internet, libraries are still relevant. Why? Because there’s nothing like reading an ink-and-paper book, and there’s no better place to go read than at the library where you can check books out for free. If you live in Lackawanna County, instill a love of reading in your children by bringing them to Lackawanna County Children’s Library!

Where is the Lackawanna County Children’s Library?

Come visit the Lackawanna County Children’s Library at:

520 Vine St
Scranton, PA 18509

The children’s library may be in the middle of a whole lot of other businesses, but the hustle and bustle disappear within the walls of this edifice of imagination and wonder. A children’s library is a great place for kids to learn more about the world and pursue new interests. Also, imagine your kid spending more time with books and less with tablets and phones.

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Can I Use the Lackawanna Children’s Library During the Pandemic?

While things are a little different during the COVID-19 pandemic, the library remains open. Some programs have been canceled or changed to virtual experiences. For example, storytime and puppet shows can be accessed online through Facebook Live. Visit the library’s site to learn more about what programs and clubs your child could join!

Can I Check Books Out Without Going Inside?

If you are unable to go inside the building or are cautious for healthcare reasons, the library is even offering curbside service for book checkouts. If your child is struggling with the isolation of the pandemic, quickly picking up some books could be a way to offer them a new pastime. If you’re in a rush, curbside pickup might be the answer for you.

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