What Kind of Tires Should I Buy in Scranton, PA?

By Product Expert | Posted in Local, Service and Repair on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 at 8:33 pm
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There are a few things we think about every time we get into our cars. We probably note how dirty it is, the smell, garbage piled up inside, temperature, remaining fuel, and more, but we might go entire years without really thinking about our tires. It’s a shame that we don’t pay more attention to our tires because they are what connect us to the road, and we can’t get far without them. Read more of this entry to learn about different types of tires and the ways that they affect how, where, and when we drive.

Should I Buy All-Season Tires in Scranton, PA?

Living in a place with four seasons like Scranton, Moosic, and Wilkes-Barre means all-season tires might be the best tires to buy. These tires have lots of grooves, both thin and wide so they can deal with snow, puddles, and dry roads without too much difficulty. Since they focus on giving you traction in the most possible situations, they are proficient in almost everything, but they aren’t the best at any type of driving, and they do not provide the most comfortable ride.

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Should I Buy Touring Tires in Scranton, PA?

Most sedans, crossovers, and other SUVs would be benefitted from the added comfort of touring tires. You could consider most touring tires all-season ready, but a quick look at touring tires will tell you that they are smoother and use smaller grooves. While regular all-season tires might offer passable trail driving performance, touring tires should stay on the road. If you never go off-road or drive on dirt or gravel paths, you wouldn’t be missing anything by choosing touring tires.

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Should I buy Winter Tires in Scranton, PA?

A great strategy for your tire-buying could be to do a regular rotation between two different tire styles. For example, buy a set of summer tires and a set of winter tires and switch the summer tires out for winter in October, then switch the winter tires out for summer in March, or whenever it is clear winter driving is no longer a concern. Another option would be to use touring tires during warmer weather and switch to winter tires in the fall.

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Where Can I Buy Tires in Scranton, PA?

Whatever tires you end up choosing, you can order them and have them put on your car if you schedule an appointment with the parts and service department at Performance Kia. Either call or set up your appointment online so your car can be ready for whatever rigors the road has in store for them in the Scranton area. Trust the service technicians at Performance Kia to find and apply the tires your car needs!

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