Pick up Premium French Fries at this Berwick, PA Food Truck

By Product Expert | Posted in Local on Friday, May 28th, 2021 at 7:56 pm
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Few things in this world are as satisfying or delicious as a fresh, hot french fry. Crispy outside, soft inside, lightly salted, and bursting with flavor, some have found ways to make fries more of a centerpiece than anything else, right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our food spotlight for this month is on “Fry so Fine,” a food truck (or, maybe trailer is the better word) in Berwick that is hard to miss. If you need to look for a new or used car, or just to bring yours in for maintenance, always keep Performance Kia in Moosic, Pennsylvania in mind!

Where is Fry so Fine?

You can’t enjoy these delicious fries without knowing where to get them. Fry so Fine is a food truck parked at 7619 Columbia Boulevard, Berwick, Pennsylvania. The truck itself is painted bright pink and features some art of French fries with a distinct 80s kind of retro feel to it. There are tables and chairs set up outside if you want to take a seat to enjoy your fries or accompanying sausage sandwich. Otherwise, fries are always great mobile food for those on the go.

french fries frying in oil with basket
fries in a bag

What Makes Fry so Fine Special?

Unlike anywhere else, the focus here is on fries. The fries are fresh-cut, not pulled out of a freezer. The seasoning is always bright and adds an extra kick of flavor. You can enjoy your fries with fried ravioli, a sausage sandwich (think bratwurst), or pierogies. That’s a lot of fried food, but if you’re already on a walk to visit Fry so Fine, you won’t feel as guilty about indulging.

Who Runs Fry so Fine?

This French fry business is owned and operated by two sisters. You will probably see at least one of them if you go pick up an order or two of fries. Even if you aren’t normally into fries, the sisters’ special treatment of fried potatoes might change your mind, at least because of the way they do it.

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