It’s a Great Time to Start Cycling in Moosic, PA

By Product Expert | Posted in Local on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 at 6:24 pm
person on bicycle close up on knees and handlebars

Cycling is a fun way to exercise, get to know your local area, or just relax. The freedom of a bicycle is a remarkable feeling and one that not enough people get to experience. Luckily, a lot of plans from a lot of different people and organizations are coming together to make cycling a more common and important part of the greater Scranton, Pennsylvania area. For times and places where cycling doesn’t cut it, come to Performance Kia in Moosic, Pennsylvania, and pick up a new or used car!

The Area’s Trails Should Expand Soon

There are already a few nice local trails in the greater Scranton area, but there is potential for a lot more. By connecting existing local trails into the National Trail System, citizens will be able to hop on a bike and go from community to community without needing a car. Imagine being able to strap on a helmet, climb on your bike and reach New York State by going North, or glide down to New Jersey and Delaware on the Luzerne County National Recreation Trail. Connection is key, and bikers could easily use the NEPA area as a thoroughfare to travel to Philadelphia too.

blue cyclist sign in green forest
Person biking in the woods

For many, a more interconnected trail system could unlock the ability to make commutes by bike alone. With recent gasoline shortages, this might become a standard mode of travel for many.

The Rising Popularity of E-Bikes

Programs are coming together to make biking easier for many people. Those who have difficulty with hills can get inexpensive electric conversion kits or invest in a fully electric bike. These will also help make bicycle commuting more practical for many workers.

Other programs like NEPA Moves and the Anthracite Bicycle Coalition are working to help get more bikes out to more people, and keep cyclers safe. Individuals are lobbying local government to improve bicycle safety by adding more bike lanes, signs, and more. Bicycling is a beautiful thing, and it might become a central part of your life soon!

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