Hike the Best of NEPA’s Trails this Winter

By Product Expert | Posted in Local on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 6:01 pm
person hiking in winter forest trail

If you’re unsure of why someone would enjoy hiking trails in the winter, you probably just haven’t done it yet. Winter hiking may not be for everyone, but you have to give it a shot at least once in your life. The best trails in NEPA aren’t just picturesque for just 3 seasons out of the year. Bundle up, bring a camera and your best sense of wonder when you visit any of these wonderful winter hiking trails in North-Eastern Pennsylvania.

Tuscarora State Park

687 Tuscarora Park Rd.
Barnesville, PA 18214

What could be a better winter hiking destination than a system of trails right on Tuscarora Lake, with plenty of creeks and streams nearby? It’s got over 1,500 acres of nature to bask in as you tread its beautiful trails. You never know what kind of wildlife you will see on your trek, so prepare for a memorable one.

Salt Springs State Park

2305 Salt Springs Rd.
Montrose, PA 18801

When you come to Salt Springs, you have a number of options when it comes to picking which trail you want to take. Some lead to the old-growth forest some to abandoned ruined buildings reclaimed by nature, and some off toward different sights. The choice is yours, and come prepared to walk a long way, because you won’t want to leave.

Promised Land State Park

100 Lower Lake Rd.
Greentown, PA 18426

If birdwatching is a favorite hobby of yours, you must try hiking in Promised Land State Park in the winter. Come see one of the largest parks filled with natural wonder and beauty, including islands, lakes, streams, falls, and much more.

D&H Rail-Trail

D&H Trail
Carbondale, PA 18407

Are you ready to walk up to 38 miles of trails? You might not be able to do all of that in a day, but you can come to see nature around the Lackawanna River and the old Delaware and Hudson railroad line. Bring a camera in case you spot wildlife and some historic sites on your winter hike.

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