Does my Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid Car Need Oil Changes?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service and Repair, Technology on Thursday, August 6th, 2020 at 8:46 pm
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This question is probably confusing to a lot of people. How can you have a car that doesn’t need oil changes? The answer is, you need to have an electric vehicle. But, does that include hybrids and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles? The answer is a little more complicated than just “yes” or “no,” so continue reading the rest of this entry to find out more.

Why Do Cars Need Oil Changes?

Most cars have internal combustion engines, the kind of engines that use gasoline as fuel. These engines have a lot of moving parts, and those moving parts need protection or they will break, grind up, and/or seize up. Cars with combustion engines pump motor oil through the points where many of those moving parts make contact. This keeps the parts lubricated and evens out the heat created by friction to make everything last longer.

Even the best oil never lasts forever, so you need to change oil regularly or it becomes ineffective at what it is supposed to do. Synthetic oils often last longer and let you drive further between changes.

Do Hybrid Cars Need Oil Changes?

Hybrid and PHEV both have internal combustion engines, even if they don’t use them as often as conventional cars do. PHEV cars may not use the combustion engine for weeks or months at a time, so oil changes are less common, but still necessary. The electric components of each type of vehicle use what are called sealed motors, so they don’t use combustion, and there is no reason and no way to oil any moving parts.

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Do Electric Vehicles Need Oil Changes?

Cars that have no combustion engine do not need oil changes. They may need other maintenance, but they are part of a new generation of vehicles, and we as drivers will need to adapt to how they need to be taken care of. If a future without needing oil changes sounds good to you, you should look at buying an electric vehicle soon!

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