4 Ice and Snow Driving Reminders to Help you Drive Safe this Winter

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety Info, Seasonal, Tips and Tricks on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 7:20 pm
car driver in snow close up on back tire

It’s getting cooler out, and the snow will fall before too long. It always seems like everyone forgets how to drive as soon as the first real snowfall, so why not brush up ahead of time yourself? Here are 4 ways you can drive safer this winter.

Brake Sooner and Slower in the Snow

When the roads get slick, always remember to slow down. Brake earlier than you normally would, and you should be able to slow down with little to no sliding. Always watch for taillights ahead of you and keep more following distance than in warm weather.

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Tap your Brakes, Don’t Slam Them

When you need to stop quick, your first instinct is to slam on the brakes, but this is a bad idea in the winter. Slamming your brakes will just make your car slide on the snow, and you won’t slow down until you hit something. Tap your brakes rapidly so you can maintain control and slow down.

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Change Lanes Slowly

A major cause of accidents in the snow comes from recklessly changing lanes. When roads are unplowed for long enough, snow piles up between tire tracks, and rolling over them can cause you to slide out of control. Change lanes slowly and make sure you have plenty of space in case you do slide a little when moving.

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Plan for Emergencies, even if they Don’t Happen

Pack a few blankets, coats, hats, and gloves so you can keep warm if you get stranded. Keep a charged USB battery and charging cables in your car so you never get caught without phone power to call for help. Keep a few high-protein snacks in your car like granola bars, nuts, and meat jerky, or some dried fruit in case you get hungry if you need to wait in the snow.

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