The D&H Rail-Trail Wins Trail of the Year

By Product Expert | Posted in Local on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 at 2:30 pm
snowy trail and line of trees

It may be cold and it may be snowy, but it’s conditions like these that produce some of the most beautiful sightseeing you can find in Northeastern Pennsylvania, or pretty much anywhere. When the snow clings to the tree branches and the sunlight catches the fresh powder just right, it’s no wonder the D&H Rail-Trail won trail of the year by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)

How Long is the D&H Rail-Trail?

If you have ever thought about winter hiking, there are few places that can offer you as much trail to hike as the D&H Rail-Trail. There’s more ground than you can cover on foot in a single day if you go straight from one end to the other. With 38 miles of trail, you would need all the daylight of a few days to see the whole thing, especially during the winter. You can go all the way to the New York State line if you want to experience it all.

snowy railroad train track through forest

wood fence and snow covered evergreens

What is the Path of the D&H Rail-Trail?

The full trail runs from Simpson Pennsylvania to the New York State line. But let’s go through it all step-by-step. The trail begins at Morse Avenue trailhead in Simpson. The first stretch follows rails to Forest City, which leads on to Union Dale. You would arrive at Ararat Summit north of Union Dale, but if you keep going, you will eventually reach Thompson. Going further, a point of much interest is the Starrucca Viaduct, an old stone bridge that is still used by the rail system to this day. Passing Lanesboro, it is only a few miles further to the New York State border!


If you really want to explore the countryside of Northeastern Pennsylvania or just get some quality hiking, jogging, or running time in, the D&H has plenty of stretches of trail for you to do it on. You won’t want to miss the beauty of the trail in winter, so come visit it today!

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