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Fuel System Service in Moosic, PA

Regularly servicing your Kia is key to maintaining a properly-functioning and safe vehicle. While it is often easy to get into a routine of getting regular oil changes and service checkups, it can get a bit tricky figuring out when you should service other parts of your Kia. How often you should have service performed on your Kia’s fuel system depends on what your driving style is, how often you drive, as well as what model you are driving. Your Kia’s owner’s manual is your best bet for finding what schedule best fits your Kia, but it is also helpful to get advice from an expert. Checking in with the expert service team here at Performance Kia can help get you on the right service track as well as explain the processes behind each service.

When it comes to servicing your fuel system it is important to not rely solely on the suggested maintenance schedule. Your Kia will show symptoms of needing service even if you haven’t hit the service milestones and it is key to look out for these warnings. If your Kia is showing signs of poor fuel economy, rough idling, hard starting, power loss, increased emissions or is making a pinging or knocking sound then it is time to take your vehicle in for service. During a fuel system service appointment, our experts will remove combustion chamber deposits and correct the balance of fuel and air in the system as well as clean the fuel injectors, plenum and air intake, throttle body, and intake valves and ports. After receiving fuel system service on your Kia, you will notice better overall performance and reduced emissions as well as an increase in fuel economy and power, getting your Kia back to optimal condition.

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Schedule a Fuel System Service Appointment at Performance Kia

Staying on top of servicing your Kia is key to getting the most out of your vehicle. Routinely checking in on the different systems in your Kia will help you catch problems before they get out of hand as well as save you money in the long run. At Performance Kia we offer full fuel system service for $129.99 as well as other vehicle services.

If you are looking to book a service appointment for your Kia you can schedule an appointment here on our site or contact our service department via phone at (855)-638-1311. In need of a last-minute appointment? Check out our scheduling page to see when your next available appointment is so we can take care of your vehicle as soon as possible.

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