Brake Pad Buying Guide for Moosic, PA

stock photo of brake rotor and pad dirty and cropped

Nothing is so essential to vehicular safety as a good set of brakes. With a good brake system, you can stay away from dangerous situations and prevent disaster on the road. But brakes don’t last forever. The first part of your brake system you will likely need to change is brake pads.

Brake pads seem like a straightforward enough concept, but there’s more to them than most people think. The material brake pads are made from has an effect on how those brakes will perform. Some brake pad materials are better for some vehicles and uses, so getting the best brake pads to replace your worn-out pads means knowing how the materials work. The four main brake pad materials are listed below.

Ceramic Brake Pads: Buy ceramic brake pads if you want the best brake pads money can buy. Be aware, however, that these pads cost a lot more than other brake pads and might not be worth it if all you are doing is casual driving with a sedan or small SUV.

Semi-Metallic: You may already have these pads in your vehicle. If you like how your car’s brake pads performed off the lot, these will most likely be the closest you can get to an exact replacement. Buy these for durable, clean brake pads, but know that using higher metal content brake pads means your brake rotors may need turning or replacement sooner.

Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO): It should go without saying that no new brake pads are being made with asbestos anymore. But that doesn’t mean organic materials like natural rubber or plant fibers can’t still be used. Buy these pads for quieter, smoother stops, but expect to replace them more often.

Low-Metallic Non-Asbestos Organic: These pads are a great option if you want a little more stopping power than the regular NAO pads. These include some metal with natural fibers and resins. Buy these for a decent mixture of value and performance.

Order Brake Pads at Performance Kia

To buy brake pads like these in Moosic, Pennsylvania, be sure to order them from Performance Kia. The Performance Kia dealership’s parts and services department can either order in or directly sell you the best brake pads for your vehicle. If you don’t want to change the brake pads yourself, you can schedule brake service online, over the phone, or in-person at the dealership.