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Get all your Favorite Baked Goods for the Holiday Season Right in NEPA!

Friday, December 18th, 2020
holiday baked goods in NEPA cookie banner

Something about the holiday season calls for baked goods. Maybe it’s the warmth coming from the oven or the sweet smell that we crave after coming in from the cold outside, but it all just fits during the holiday season. We’re lucky to have all the bakeries we have in Northeastern Pennsylvania so that when we start craving cookies, bagels, cakes, and more, we don’t need to make it all ourselves.


What to Include in your Car’s Emergency Kit

Monday, December 7th, 2020
vehicle emergency kit in the back of an SUV

One of the most important things you can keep in your car is an emergency kit. You don’t often think about having one until something happens to you or someone you know, so why not take the opportunity now to build or update your own vehicle emergency kit. You can get almost everything at a department store or supermarket as part of your regular shopping, or you can build a list online and order everything. Your kit should be personalized, but this post can be useful as advice to get you started.


4 Ice and Snow Driving Reminders to Help you Drive Safe this Winter

Thursday, November 5th, 2020
car driver in snow close up on back tire

It’s getting cooler out, and the snow will fall before too long. It always seems like everyone forgets how to drive as soon as the first real snowfall, so why not brush up ahead of time yourself? Here are 4 ways you can drive safer this winter.