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3 Reasons You Should Visit Nesbitt Park this Fall

Monday, October 26th, 2020
park bench lamp posts trees and path in park

There are plenty of great places to visit this fall in Northeast Pennsylvania. Fall is the perfect time to walk the trails and catch a glimpse at the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. One great place to do this and so much more this fall is Nesbitt Park. Continue reading for three reasons why Nesbitt should be one of your primary destinations as the season grows cooler.


Try Hiking This Fall at These Hiking Trails in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Friday, October 16th, 2020
paved trail through trees with autumn leaves

Fall may be a cold season, but it brings with it some beautiful scenery. As leaves change and begin to fall, you should get up, go outside, and walk some of the many beautiful nature trails in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). Continue Reading the rest of this entry to learn about some of the best trails NEPA has to offer.


Prepare for the Best Fall Treats Northeastern Pennsylvania Has

Friday, October 16th, 2020
autumn river and trees overcast sky

If one of your favorite things about Autumn is the food, you should get adventurous and explore the seasonal food options available to you in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). From Apple Cider to Pumpkin Spice, to Halloween candy and more, NEPA has what you need in spades and more than you ever imagined.


Fun Autumn Activities in North-Eastern Pennsylvania

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
rural northeastern pennsylvania trees valley and sky

There’s nowhere on earth quite like North-Eastern Pennsylvania. When Autumn rolls in, it’s like you get to experience the transformation in slow motion. The weather gets cool and the leaves change color, and suddenly the most comfortable thing you can imagine wearing is a sweater, jeans, and a snug, warm hat. Continue reading this entry for a list of places to go and things to do to celebrate the arrival of Autumn in North-Eastern Pennsylvania.