Highway in the Pennsylvania countryside during the summer season

Kia Vehicle Summer Season Preparation Maintenance Wyoming Valley, PA

We may be a little biased because we live here, but we believe that Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful and fun states to explore – especially during the summer season. Some of our favorite summertime activities include exploring Gettysburg, visiting quilt shops and antique stores in Lancaster County, getting our history fix in Philadelphia, and camping in the Alleghany Mountains. 

As much as we love Pennsylvania summers, we will admit that they can get a little hot. Not as hot as Arizona or Florida, mind you, but just hot enough that it can easily melt all the chocolate that you bought during your trip to Hershey. But we don’t let that heat stop us from having fun or exploring new places – especially when we drive our Kia! 

Kia has become highly-praised for its quality and dependability. However, it is important that you give it regular maintenance so it can stay dependable all season long. And with the hot temperatures of summer, some special maintenance tasks are required – including oil changes, coolant top-offs, and air conditioning unit repairs. And if you are planning to do some summer road trips through mountainous regions, you will need even more specialized maintenance like brake replacements and transmission inspections. 

Luckily, you don’t need to go too far to find top-quality maintenance and service for your Kia. Here at Performance Kia, we do more than just sell you the Kia vehicle of your dreams. We are also here to help you take care of it so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Our in-house service center has all the tools and technology needed to keep your Kia performing as perfectly as it did the day you bought it. And of course, we couldn’t do it without our highly-skilled technicians, who know the architecture and personality of each model in the Kia lineup from the beloved Soul to the all-new Telluride. 

To learn more about Kia vehicle summer season preparation maintenance or to schedule a service appointment, please contact us or visit us here at Performance Kia today! We are located at 4225 Birney Avenue in Moosic. 



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