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Many of us have experienced hectic winter mornings where we are trying to get ready for the day. The kids can't find their homework assignments or are trying to play the "Mom, I'm sick" card when they just don't want to go school – and they are taking forever to get their boots and winter coats on...and now they can't find their mittens! You are stressing out because you need to get them to school on time and you have meetings to attend at work – and several projects to get done. Once everyone is FINALLY ready to go, you rush out the door to your Kia, make sure that everyone is buckled in, and you go to turn on the ignition – only for your vehicle to not start! Oh no! A dead battery! Not today of all days! 

Luckily, we can help prevent scenarios like this from happening. Here at Performance Kia, we are more than just a dealership that sells the latest Kia vehicles – we also have a state-of-the-art service facility that can help keep your vehicle dependable on the most hectic of days. This includes regularly testing your battery and switching it out as needed. 

While some drivers can switch out their Kia vehicle's battery on their own, it is not something that we recommend doing. Vehicle batteries are heavy and can potentially leak toxic and highly-corrosive acid. At the Performance Kia service center, our technicians are specially trained to safely switch batteries and properly dispose of the old ones. 

The lifespan of a Kia vehicle's battery typically ranges from three to six years, though it can vary depending on its exposure to extreme temperatures, how often you forget to turn off your lights, and if you rely on your Kia to charge your phone. Once your battery reaches three years old, it is recommended that you get it tested twice a year (preferably in the spring and fall). So give us a call today and schedule a service appointment! 



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