2020 Kia Rio Trim Levels

2020 Kia Rio blue paint facing left with flag in background

Subcompact sedans like the 2020 Kia Rio get their use out of practicality and don’t need a lot of extra flair to get their share of the road. The Rio and many of its competitors only have one to five trim levels for that very reason. The 2020 model year of the Kia Rio is part of the model’s third generation which began just two years before in 2018. Since then, the trim level selection has been limited to just two trims.

To get familiar with the different trim levels and why more than one is necessary, we have put together this page and table below. If you’re shopping for a Kia Rio, you should know now which trim level you want. You wouldn’t want to spend the extra money on features you don’t want, and you wouldn’t want to buy an entire vehicle and find it lacking in features either. Arm yourself with knowledge by reading below.

2020 Kia Rio LX 

2020 Kia Rio S 

Starting MSRP  $15,850  $16,490 
Body Types  Sedan Only  Sedan and Hatchback 
Rear Adjustable Headrests  Not Available  Standard
S Technology Package  Not Available  Standard

S Technology Package

  • Remote Anti-Theft Alarm System
  • Remote Keyless Power Door Locks
  • Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay® Smartphone Compatibility
  • 7-Inch Touchscreen Display
  • Rear Camera Display
  • And More!

Comparison Analysis

Chances are, if all you need is a car to get around in, the LX trim level will be plenty enough for your needs, and it will be easy on the wallet at the same time. The S isn’t much more, even as a hatchback, but if the added technology doesn’t matter to you, the LX will do just fine. Younger drivers will probably appreciate the added technology more than others. Either way, there is generous rear-seat room for its class regardless of the trim level you choose. The S doesn’t add much to curb appeal either, it is made to improve the driving experience more than anything.